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dreams are my reality

24 July 1989
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Self-introductions are always hard. =x My name's Cecilia (aka. Ceci to most people) and I'm currently 18 years old. A little history of my life begins - I was born in China, grew up in Japan, and then arrived in Canada during my 5th year in elementary school.

I'm fluent in Chinese (mandarin, although I'm pretty illiterate lol), Japanese and English. I live in a very Chinese (and Eastern Asian) dominated area in Canada so I don't usually speak that much English in real life. .__.;; I consider myself fairly "Asian" - in love with bubble tea, pocky, Jdramas, Jpop and all that. XD Mostly Japanese stuff though.^^

Education-wise, I'm currently in my first year of university (in the faculty of commerce/business administration). Sadly I don't exactly have much interest for business (financial accounting and all that.. eh.=_=) So along with my required business courses, I have a lot of electives in arts/humanities. I'm most likely planning on a major in business and a minor in English.^^

My personality is very mixed... But in general I'm quite outgoing and I obsess/fangirl easily. I can be really happy or really bitter depending on my mood (I'm a very moody person yes ._.) and I can be nice or mean depending on whether I like the person or not. I'm really straightforward though, which I guess can be both good and bad. x_x I actually think I'm less straight-forward online than I am in RL. XD And yes, like the rest of the population, I'm a major procrastinator. XD
Yay~ on to my obsessions. XD (And there's a lot). My fandom's kinda divided into two different ones: one is for more "Asian" things and one for more "English" things.

Starting with my more "Asian" fandoms - I used to be an anime/manga fangirl (I still am but not to a large extent) but I still like Full Metal Alchemist, Get Backers, Bleach, D.Gray-Man, Death Note, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle &etc. I definitely prefer more shounen manga and anime but I'm very drawn to the cutesy drawings of shoujo manga (like Pita-Ten XD).

Now, my main fangirling goes towards Jpop, Kpop, and Jdramas. XD My favourite Asian singers are Hamasaki Ayumi, Otsuka Ai, Kuraki Mai, Koda Kumi, Utada Hikaru, and Yui. Favourite bands are Arashi, NEWS, Ketsumeishi, Ikimonogakari, and Orange Range. I listen to many other artists as well but mostly Japanese songs. I'm definitely more into Japanese stuff than Korean stuff, probably because I actually understand the language. XD;; And my favourite Jdramas... I've got a lot. XD Hana Yori Dango 1 + 2, Good Luck, GTO, Liar Game, Nodame Cantabile, Nobuta wo Produce just to name a few.^^ And although I rarely ever watch Korean dramas (because I'm too lazy to look at the subtitles ._.), I love My Girl. It was just so cute. XD And favourite Asian actor/actresses: Inoue Mao, Matsushima Nanako, Yamapi, Nishikido Ryo and Matsumoto Jun.

Now onto the "English" things. XD First the books - The Lord of the Rings, Dragonlance Chronicles (Raistlin!) and The Soulforge are my favourites. XD I also like a lot of classics ex. Wuthering Heights (despite all the soap opera-ish drama and the insanity, I think Emily Bronte is an amazing writer. Some of the quotes are so striking..)

I like Harry Potter, but I think I like the fandom more than the books. (I'm not even a true fan of the books anymore... never finished the 7th book.=_=) And my recent obsession would be Twilight. Yes, EDWARD. That's my recent obsession. XD Despite the fact that the series is like a long long fanfiction, it's nice and addicting. XD Plus fangirling over Edward (slightly shallow yes XD) keeps me hyped up hahah. I dislike Jacob though, not because of his bad temper but because he's a hypocrite.=="

Now the favourite movies: The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean & The Chronicles of Narnia (I can't wait for thr Prince of Caspian *_*). Many other favourites but those are the main ones I like. XD Recently, I also have an obsession with Sweeney Todd. And that being said, my favourite actor would be Johnny Depp. XD Other favourite actors and actresses are America Ferrerra (Ugly Betty XD), Lauren Graham, Liv Tyler, Ralph Fiennes, and Rachel McAdams.

What I dislike... random things here and there. lol The first thing that pops into my head is... Draco/Ginny. I will always hate that for numerous reasons. XD Annddd... Jacob Black from Twilight.==" I don't hate him that much though haha, I'm relatively indifferent. But I think he's so hypocritical, and that annoys me.=_=;; (plus, I have a slightly biased loyalty towards Edward heh .__.)

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